We do not know how to take a break. Our passion for creating original spaces forces us to keep looking towards the future and planning better, more innovative and inspirational projects. Take a look at what we are currently dreaming about, we are sure that we will soon turn those dreams into reality.

Krk 365/24

A complex designed for a vacation in exclusive luxury, divided into 5 parts, will stand on more than a million square metres of the irresistible Krk coastal area. The first part is the main hotel with 580 rooms. The second, residential part will consist of annexes with about 150 accommodation units, and the third will contain several small hotels with about 160 accommodation units. Furthermore, the complex will contain a sports hotel with 100 accommodation units, a sports hall and recreational area, and a golf hotel with about 100 rooms, primarily intended for those using the nearby golf course and its accompanying content. 

Cvjetni Centar

Cvjetni Centar – Phase 2

The Cvjetni project has not said all it has to say. The second phase will give our complex an exit onto 

Gundulićeva Street, creating an additional 14,269 m2 of top quality residential, business and parking space in the very heart of Zagreb. The new passageway between Cvjetni Square and Gundulićeva Street will have everything it needs to become Zagreb’s new "špica", protected and covered, and therefore attractive even during periods of poor weather. 

Cvjetni Centar – Phase 3 

As the final step in reviving an entire Lower City block and part of the pedestrian zone, we wish to connect Cvjetni Centar with Zagreb’s busiest street, Ilica. Opening a passageway to Ilica will create physical connections between the most frequented pedestrian zones, thus offering a completely new experience for all visitors to the core of the capital. 

Sveta Nedelja Rest Home

Plans are in place for a residential complex for the elderly meeting the highest standards of living, socialisation and activity, with a capacity of 320 persons. The emphasis of this project is a completely new concept of living, concepts and the interests of its residents, in line with the philosophy of healthy living, healthy eating and healthy activities adapted for this time of life, making this project one of its kind in Croatia. 

Fashion palace

We plan to create an Art Nouveau palace of high fashion brands in the very centre of Zagreb, conceived as a “mono-brand store” of one of the world’s most respectable fashion brands.