We are proud of all our projects and strongly back them. It is always with pleasure that we look back on what we have done. Below they are briefly presented with photographs.


Way back in 1976, the foundations of HOTO Group were laid with the opening of the Babylon restaurant. After 15 years of successful operations, the restaurant grew into the first private hotel with 30 rooms. 

Castellum Centar

The first big project and the first real test of building maturity for HOTO Group. Two old and worn down two-story buildings from the end of the 19th century were restored and transformed into a modern business centre with a total area of 7,764 square meters with 120 parking and garage spaces. 

Hoto Business Tower

This high-rise tower was constructed on the site of a ruined children’s clothing factory on Savska Street. At the time it was opened, in 2004, it was the highest skyscraper built in Croatia since its independence (4 underground and 18 above-ground floors), and a recorder in terms of construction speed: the entire tower was fully completed in less than 10 months.

Hoto Villas

In Sveta Nedelja, just on the outskirts of Zagreb, a closed settlement with 569 residential units was constructed on a total area of 120,000 square metres. This is a complex of residential and business units, with a total area of 70,000 square metres. This was Croatia’s first condominium complex, a modernly designed “small town” with a unique concept of living, aligned with all the top world standards. 

Slavuj Kindergarten

Giving thought to the needs of the structures and the interests of society in general, a modern kindergarten with more than 1300 square metres was constructed as part of the HOTO Villas project. The Slavuj (meaning Nightingale) kindergarten is a public kindergarten, also open to children from the areas surrounding the HOTO Villas, once again proving the idea of a friendly neighbourhood that nurtures good neighbourly relations with its surroundings.