The HOTO Centre trade and business centre was constructed right next to Croatia's first condominium type residential and commercial neighbourhood, HOTO Villas in Sveta Nedelja, which currently has more than 1500 inhabitants.

Considering the exceptionally good transport connections (vicinity to the Zagreb–Ljubljana motorway), this centre has the capacity for diverse content, from a classical shopping centre to a logistical centre.

HOTO Centar was designed as a bright and spacious three-story structure that includes a wide pedestrian street surrounded by shops, restaurants, boutiques and other content that makes life more pleasant and simple, and an atrium surrounded by an impressive lane of trees and central square with a fountain, intended for rest and relaxation. The underground level offers parking for about 100 vehicles, with parking also provided on the street level in front of HOTO Centar.

HOTO Centar stretches out over 12,000 square metres and offers all the residents of HOTO Villas and the surrounding areas everything one needs for a good life, and making it possible to fulfil all one's daily needs in a practical way.