Cvjetne crtice

From a dilapidated Lower City block, a vision, innovation, energy and exemplary organisation lead to the modern, multi-functional Cvjetni Centar complex.
  • The first and only time in Croatia – “top-down” construction method of building the reinforced concrete structure of all 14 floors, built in only 8 months
  • In laying the foundation, 80,000 m3 of earth was dug up, which amounts to amount 5,000 truckloads.
  • A total of 3,285,000 kg of reinforcement, 23,500 m3 of concrete and 20,000 litres of melment went into Cvjetni Centar.
  • Only 24 hours after the completion of the 6th underground garage level, concrete was laid for the 6th floor.

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